The Moving Process: What I did to Make my Move Easier

by Oct 29, 2021




The Moving Process, is most always said with dread, trust me I felt it recently too. Would I rather be my dog Franklin and just show up? You bet! Some parts are great and others can be challenging. Since I recently went through the moving process myself, I thought there would be no better time than now to share a breakdown of what I did to make my move easier. If you aren’t moving now, but may be in a few months, make sure you bookmark this for future reference. I promise it won’t disappoint!


5 Steps to Make a Move Easier


  1. Pack one room at a time. It makes it easier to move room to room instead of trying to do it all at once. Personally, I started with rooms that we didn’t frequent (guest room, basement and office). I saved the rooms we are in daily (kitchen, bathroom) as the last two. The kitchen was no easy pack though, which leads me to my second tip.

2. Enlist help. I am thankful to have team members and a few family members that helped with the packing and moving items to the new home. We hired movers for the larger furniture and boxes, but because I am little particular (also nervous), I wanted to move the fragile items (framed artwork, glasses, etc) myself.

3. Purge prior to moving. When you are packing your items, have bags ready to separate into what is trash and what can be donated. If you no longer use it, it doesn’t fit, you don’t love it or it is broken, why are you bothering to pack it? It will be one more thing you have to unpack at your new home. So have those bags ready to separate what is trash and what can maybe be donated. Green Drop is a great solution for donations as they take so many items!   ** Pro Tip: If you are planning to purchase new items for your home instead of packing the old as “a reminder,” just create a list in your phone. Remember, its wasted time packing and then unpacking an item you plan to replace.

4. Label your boxes and bags as you pack them. Not only is it helpful to write what is in the bag or box, but when you designate the new room it will go in, it makes it a smoother transition. To go an extra step, you can color code the new rooms. For example, all playroom boxes and bags have a red tag and then playroom has a red tag on the door at the new home.

5. Reusable Bags. Boxes are great and worked so well for plates, dishes, glassware, etc. but I actually used a lot of reusable large bags. You can find some of the ones I used here which were so well for already folded clothes, books, linens, towels, shoes. My favorite part about these bags was taking out my clothes from our drawers, putting them in the bags and then pulling them out at the new home and putting them back into the drawers. Everything stayed folded! These bags also work well for storage needs because you can see into them. I have one in a guest room closet with our summer and spring items that there was no need to unpack as we approach the cooler temperatures.


If you are in the depths of the moving process, remember to go one room at a time. Whether you need help with a few rooms or them all, The Home Revival is always here to help!