My apartment was stuck in the limbo of young adult who never broke the messy habits of his college days. The immediate change by The Home Revival was astonishing, but what has been most valuable are the long-term benefits of a well-organized system that has empowered me to live a simpler, cleaner life.

– MK

Thanks to Amanda's amazing organization efforts, we have a completely revamped kitchen pantry. With the use of bins, shelving and other storage containers, our pantry was completely transformed into a more efficient use of space. Every area is conveniently labeled to make it so easy to see and locate all of our items, and every item has a spot. This project was long overdue, and Amanda's ideas and attention to detail were A+.


I moved into my new apartment knowing I wanted to start it off on the right foot in terms of organization, especially in the kitchen since I'm a huge cook and am in there every day! Amanda came in, kindly offered incredibly thoughtful and strategic suggestions for how we could organize everything, and then got to work! Within a few days, my whole kitchen was transformed - spices were sorted alphabetically, flours, oats, and nuts were decanted, oils and cooking essentials on lazy Susans, pots and pans strategically organized, and SO much more. Amanda completely transformed our kitchen into an organized, thoughtful, and comfortable place. And the best part? It is STILL this way today - she made it so easy to keep up!!! Recommend 100% without any doubts!!!


Amanda is incredibly thoughtful in her approach to projects, your space and budget. I worked with her on a project to help organize my small business and she helped not only double my space, but also rethink my perspective to inventory storage. The updates she made saved my space of course, but also my time. She thinks outside of the box and works to fit your unique needs. I couldn’t recommend her more!


The Home Revival saved my home and probably my relationship! My boyfriend and I just moved into our new apartment in Society Hill! It's everything we wanted but with one closet. ONE CLOSET. Like I said above, Amanda saved me from any fighting surrounding our shared closet space. She measured everything imaginable and showed up a week later with organizational goods better than anything I've ever seen under the Christmas tree! The Home Revival organized my singular closet, my drawers, and an odd storage space near our front door. The session was almost a year ago and I think the biggest testimony to Amanda's knowledge and skill is that to this day, everything is still as she left it!


Thank you to the The Home Revival for all the hard work and creative ideas with our recent Kitchen, Office and Family Room organization projects! Amanda’s gentle prodding in helping me purge so many unused items has freed up not only great spaces but leaves me with a renewed peace in my home! My favorite part is how easy it is to keep up with the new areas. I am no longer embarrassed to open up a drawer in my kitchen to search for a utensil, and my wrapping paper/bow space is a dream! I especially love that she hauled off all of our, "donate" items, leaving our home ready to use and enjoy! I tell everyone about The Home Revival and cannot wait to have her back to work with me in my craft room!