Start Small Organizing: 5 Steps Anyone Can Do

by May 5, 2020

Start Small Organizing. Jumping into an organization project right away can quickly become overwhelming, trust me. You can easily get sidetracked when you start in a closet and find clothing items you thought you lost or when you start going through old picture albums in your office. That’s why I created this list of 5 steps anyone can start with when organizing a space. You feel a sense of joy & accomplishment when you finish a small task. And now you can apply what you have learned to larger spaces!

As you browse the good old Instagram (which can I add is a loveable but dark hole) you may find color coded closets of influencers or even picture perfect bathroom drawers that your friend just DIYed. After scrolling, you may be thinking,“ Well I want that!” The professional organizer in me is thrilled, and I want to help you on this journey. Maybe scrolling Instagram made you realize that you want to tackle something in your house but you have no idea where to start. You may not get excited about the potential like I do, and that’s okay!

For any organization project, no matter the size or the space, I follow the same five steps which I am sharing with you now.


Start Small Organizing

5 Step Jumpstart to Organizing

1. OUT: Everything must come out of the space. It is easiest to see everything that you have when it is all together and out. When you are doing this, put like things together. If you were working in your closet, think about grouping by clothing type or season.

2. PURGE: Pretty please remove anything you no longer use, love, is expired & simply doesn’t belong in this area.

3. MEASURE & CLEAN: With everything out, now is the time you can wipe down the space and remove any dust, dirt, you know the drill. Most importantly though is to measure the space. If you are looking at a drawer make sure you take into account the length x width x height. I cannot stress measuring enough as it is the most important element.

4. Contain & Implement: The exciting part- you can now shop. Whether you are buying new or shopping what you have, you know what you are keeping, have the measurements and based on your layout, have an idea of what will get “prime real estate.” This refers to placing items you use daily in spots that are easy to access. Don’t put your deodorant, toothpaste or daily SPF in a bottom drawer, have that front and center!

5. Label: This final step may seem unnecessary to you, but this is crucial. Labeling now helps you keep your simple and manageable system easy to maintain. It is easy for others to find what they need and for anyone to restock when things are low (ahem toilet paper in the hall closet!)


Organizing as a whole, never intends to be overwhelming. The ultimate goal for any organized space is to suit your lifestyle and your daily routine. If you are looking to declutter your spaces, I suggest start small organizing. With these steps in mind and starting small, you too can, “feel as though a weight is off my shoulders… and finally find what I need.”

When you use these steps, be sure to tag me on Instagram @thehomerevivial with your finished project! I look forward to seeing what you do and am here for any questions you have.