All About Revival

by Sep 11, 2018

Revival: (noun) an improvement in the condition or strength of something.
  The Home Revival, LLC, was born on the idea that for the majority, there is always room for improvement. Without realizing it (for most) time is wasted daily looking for “that top” to match “those pants” or finding the school snacks or passports that are needed in a hurry. No matter your life stage, I am sure that everyone would prefer to use that lost time for something more meaningful.  Now are you stuck wondering how you can gain back those lost minutes from each day? This is where The Home Revival CAN and WOULD LOVE to help! By realizing that no two lifestyles or spaces are the same, THR sorts, purges & contains items in any given space to let you take back those lost minutes.  I have always said that I wanted to do something that would benefit others. While trying to figure out how I could help others and what my next job would be, I began organizing spaces for family and friends.  After realizing how much joy I could bring (& eliminate daily stress) to individual’s lives through something I  love, starting The Home Revival was my life improvement. I’ll admit, color coding, sorting and adding new labels can be daunting, but truthfully, I find it therapeutic. Through my posts, I hope that you can find a little inspiration and tips & tricks along the way.   -AD